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Rivet, 3/16", Black Anodized, Protruding Head.  These rivets are designed to be used in soft material, such as a kayak hull, and expand in 3 petal type segments to provide a load bearing surface on the inside of the hull.  A hand rivet setting tool is used to install the rivet.  See below or they can be obtained at Lowes or The Home Depot.  The black anodizing helps prevent corrosion.  Use a 3/16" or 13/64" drill bit. 10 per package

Item Name:  Rivet 3/16" Black                                Item Number:  RIV-10                                      Price: $4.00

Item Name:  Rivet 3/16" Black 50 Pack

Item Number:  RIV-50   

Price:  $15.50



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Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Kit.  All kayak owners who do their own rigging and repairs need a rivet setting tool.  This tool has interchangeable tips for various sized rivets.  In most cases 3/16" diameter rivets are used on kayaks.  This kit contains an assortment of rivets you can use for household repairs but does not contain the 3/16" anodized rivets you will need for your kayak.   See the above items for your rivets.

Item Number: 19200
Price: $21.95

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Stainless Phillips Oval Head Machine Screws, Flat Washers, and Nylock Nuts 1/4-20 for mounting RHFM-2 flush mount rod holders.  Kit mounts two rod holders.  Due to confusion on the number of fasteners in this kit, it will now have enough hardware to mount both Flush Mount Rod Holders in the RHTMC-2 package.  This kit WILL NOT work for Scotty No:  241, 244 or 344 Rod Mounts. 

Item Name:  Fastener Kit Flush Mount Rod Holder              Item Number: FKFM-6                                      Price:  $7.00

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Stainless Pan Head Machine Screws, Flat Washers, and Nylock Nuts 1/4-20 for mounting Scotty Rod Holder Mounts No:  241 and 244. Or any Scotty Rod Holder using those mounts. Kit mounts one rod holder. 


Item Name:  Fastener Kit Scotty Rod Holders                 Item Number:  FKS-4                                      Price:  $4.00

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Clear RTV Adhesive/Sealer.  Yes, I know this is not some fancy, trick, or exotic sealer that is made from unobtainium available only from some remote island in the South China Sea.  This sealer has many things going for it, number one - IT WORKS - IT'S  READILY AVAILABLE - IT'S CHEAP - IT'S WATERPROOF - IT'S EASILY CLEANED UP !  Why use some exotic product that may soften your hull or worse yet, melt it.

Item Name:  RTV Adhesive/Sealer - Clear                    Item Number:  66BR                                        Price:  $6.95

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Stainless Steel Carabiner/SnapHook with Eye Insert.  3/16" Diameter and 2" Overall Length.  The eye insert provides for secure attachment to lines.  Many uses for rigging your kayak and gear leashes. One per package.

Item Name:  SS Carabiner/Snap Hook 3/16"                  Item Number:  SSG-3/16                                   Price:  $4.95

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Stainless Steel Carabiner/SnapHook.  1/4" Diameter and 2 3/8" Overall Length.  As used in our Anchor Trolley Kit.  Many other uses for rigging your kayak and equipment.  One per package.


Item Name:  SS Carabiner/Snap Hook 1/4"                            Item Number:  SS-1/4                                              Price:  $4.95

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Stainless Steel Ring 1 1/2 inch diameter as used in the CaptDick Anchor Trolley Kits.  One per package.



Item Name: Stainless Ring 1/4" X 1 1/2"
Item Number: SSR - 1 1/2
Price: $5.95

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This clam cleat mounts inline. And works with 5/32 to 5/16 line. It can be used where there is access to the inside of your kayak.  It is mounted using SS Machine Screws, nylock nuts and fender washers.  It is not recommended that these be mounted with screws only.  4MM line is recommended.  This item is furnished with the SS fasteners.

Item Name:  Inline Clam Cleat                                Item No:  ICC-1SSF                                        Price:  $8.95 w/ss fasteners

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Zigzag cleat with low profile.  The 3 1/2  X  1 1/2  X 1 inch cleat offers a quick and easy way to secure your anchor line (rode) or  other line.   This injection molded nylon cleat can be used for lines up to 3/8 inch. I am now recommending this ZZ cleat to use for anchoring your kayak.  I feel it is more secure than the clam cleat above.  This cleat is easy to use and can be mounted using the CDE 3/16 inch load spreading rivets.  It may also be mounted with SS machine hardware if you have access to the inside of your kayak.

Item Name: Zigzag Cleat
Item Number: ZZC-1
Price: $4.95

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Padeye, Nylon, Not Countersunk for mounting with 3/16" rivets or pan head ss machine screws. 4 in package.  Essential kayak rigging item.  Use these when there is no access to the inside of your kayak in the area you need the Padeye.

Item Name: Padeye-Rivet Mount-Nylon
Item Number: PRM-4
Price: $3.00

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Padeye, Nylon, Countersunk for mounting with 10-24 or 10-32 flathead machine screw and nylock nut.  Drill 3/16" hole for the number 10 machine screws.  Can also be riveted with 3/16" rivets. 4 in package.  Use these where you have access to the inside of hull to install the washer and nut.  Most sit-inside yaks can utilize these Padeyes.  A flatwasher is recommended on the inside to distribute/spread the load. 

Item Name: Padeye-Countersunk For Thru Bolt-Nylon
Item Number: PTH-4
Price: $3.00

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This is a forged SS padeye designed to mounted with our 3/16 inch load spreading rivets.  It could also be mounted with 10-24 pan head ss machine screws, ss washer and nylon lock nuts. Dimensions are:  A = 3/8, B = 3/8, and C=1 1/16 inches.

Item Name:  SS Padeye - Stainless                           Item No:  SSPE-1                                           Price:  $2.95 each

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This nylon J Hook or Lash Hook can be used for numerous rigging layouts.  It can be mounted with our 3/16" rivets or through bolted with SS fasteners.  Four (4) per package.



Item Name:  Nylon J Hook                                    Item No:  NJH-4                                           Price:  $3.00

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These Terminal Ends are used with 1/4" Bungee Cord. Just slide the sleeve on the bungee cord, insert the bungee end into the terminal end and slide the sleeve onto the terminal end to make a secure connection.  You may need to use a pair of pliers to seat the sleeve on the terminal end. There are two ends shown in the photo to demonstrate how the sleeve works.  Price is for one end only.

Item Name:  Terminal End

Item Number:  TE-1 PACKAGE OF 1 ONLY

Price:  $1.75

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Bungee 1/4" bulk cord.  This is high quality single strand bungee with a marine grade UV resistant polyester cover.   Conventional bungee cord is manufactured from inexpensive and low specification multi-strand latex rubber.  With its formation and large surface area, each strand in a traditional bungee cord is vulnerable to UV damage.  The multi-strands also provide a capillary path for corrosive saltwater.   The EPDM rubber single strand core of this bungee cord is formulated to be highly resistant to UV exposure.  Available with black with tan fleck cover only.  The ends in the photo are for illustration only and are not supplied with the bulk cord.  Specify number of feet needed.  Minimum of 5 feet please.


Item Name: Bungee Cord 1/4"         CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE   
Item Number: BC1/4
Price: $1.00

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