Kayak Fishing Accessories

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The Scotty 135 is a fully adjustable camera/GoPro mount that requires no adapters to lock down any tripod mountable camera or a GoPro.  The 135 fits all Scotty mounts and also comes with a dedicated mount if you desire to permanently mount the 135.  May be used with the Scotty 429 Extender for additional height.

Item Name:  Scotty Camera Mount

Item Number:  No.135

Price:  $19.00

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This Anchor Trolley Kit is a basic entry level kit.  The components are much the same as the CDE Anchor Trolley kits with the exceptions being the ring and the trolley line.  The ring in this kit is nylon while the CDE ring is stainless steel.  The line is 3/16 polyester and the line in the CDE kit is 4MM polyester with a woven in reflective thread to make your kayak more visible in low light conditions.  The Sealect Designs ATK contains 2 SS pulleys.  This kit is installed exactly as the CDE kit and operates the same. 

Item Name:  SD Anchor Trolley

Item Number:  SDATK-1

Price:  $29.95

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The Fish Grip makes handling fish yak side much easier and safer for both fish and angler.  This gripper floats and is made from non-corrosive structural plastic and stainless steel.  It comes with a lanyard and a slot to attach a scale.  The over center lock and with the wider jaws offer security in holding your catch.  Great for catch, photo and release kayak tournaments in deeper waters.  Secure the Fish Grip to your yak with a short leash and leave your catch in the water until you are set up to take the photo.  Available in Hi-Vis Green and Orange along with Glow-in the-Dark for you night anglers.

Item Name:  The Fish Grip

Item Number:  TFG-1               

Price:  $14.95 

Color Choice

Available with a 3 foot long tether with brass trigger snap.  Ready for that next CPR tournament.

Item Name:  The Fish Grip w/Tether

Item Number:  TFGWT-1            

Price:  $19.95  

Color Choice

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This EVA foam float is 5 X 3 inches with a 5/8 inch center hole.  Great for attaching to your smaller items that you do want to donate to deep water.  The floatation is approximately 17 ozs.  Works great on the end of your anchor line when/if you need to drop off your anchor.  Just come back grab the float and pull in your anchor.

Item Name:  EVA Float 5X3

Item Number:  EF-1

Price:  $4.95

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