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The GKF/F Board of Directors recently announced the organizations 2010 Tournament Trail.  The series is made up of four individual tournaments and outdoor festivals to be held at diversified locations though out Georgia.  Georgia Power has partnered with GKF/F to present three events at Georgia Power impoundments.  The fourth event will be in partnership with the City of Savannah and held at the city owned Coffee Bluff Marina operated by Ray Golden. Prizes totaling more than $40,000.00 will be awarded at the four events and for the overall series champions.  Proceeds from the 2010 Tournament Trail will be shared by The Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center a non-profit educational facility designed with the purpose of providing the youth of Georgia with a site for leadership and career development, the Georgia Wildlife Federation which began as a sportsman's organization in 1936 and since then has grown to become Georgia's oldest and largest conservation organization and the Georgia Kayak Fishing Foundation a non-profit organization that works to create more opportunities for Georgians to get outside and on the water and engage a new generation of environmental stewards to protect and nurture Georgia's abundant natural resources.  Complete information including rules and registration can be found by clicking here:

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Jeff Suber and the Forgotten Coast Kayak Anglers held their 2nd Annual Fishing Classic March 27-28, 2009 in Medart, FL.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the tournament was cancelled early on Saturday morning.  The cancellation was done in the interest of safety for the competitors and was a great decision supported by all competitors.  Close to 140 kayak anglers signed up for the event.  Because of the cancellation, all prizes were raffled off, but not before everyone had a chance to partake of an excellent Low Country Boil prepared by Liam.  Six new kayaks were awarded, along with many other prizes too numerous to list.  CaptDick Enterprises in conjunction with supportive suppliers donated a Ocean Trident 13 Kayak, 4 Original CaptDick StakeOutPoles, a Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Seat, a Scotty Waterproof First Aid Kit, and a VisiPole Light Pole w/Flag.  Many other items were donated to aid in supporting the great work of the Wakulla County Senior Services Center.  The Center provides Meals on Wheels, transportation and other services for the areas elders.  The event was a huge success despite the weather and everyone I spoke with had a great time.  Thanks Jeff and crew for your work to give something back to your community.  Good job!!



























Pictured above are some winners of CDE loot.  That's Greg "Cueball" with Jeff and Mr. R.H. Carter of the Wakulla Senior Center with the Trident 13.  And young Daniel from Jacksonville with his VisiPole.  Liam is smiling about his great low country boil.  Other winners are Chris "Cygraphics" SOP, Ken "Yak Ken" SOP, Rob SOP, Robert "SRV141" Surf To Summit GTS seat, John "ValFitzAndrew" StakeOutPole.  Everyone who attended the event was a winner.

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"ShoalBandit" Wins CaptDick $500 Challenge

Georgia kayak angler "ShoalBandit" is the winner of the, CaptDick $500.00 Challenge with an outstanding 25.25 inch LMB.  Watch for more details from "ShoalBandit".  (see below)

Jason, age 32, from Grayson, GA. has been kayak fishing for a little over 2 years.  The winning bass was caught from Jason's Ocean Caper kayak on the Ocmulgee River.  Using a Castaway rod and Shimano Chronarch reel loaded with 20 pound P-Line CXX X-tra Strong Moss Green line, Jason was able to fool the big bass with a Strike King Premier Plus Chartreuse/White spinner bait.

In addition to winning the CDE $500.00 Challenge, Jason was also the overall Champion of the 2008 Georgia Kayak Fishing Association's Tournament Trail.  The tournaments were held at Lake Blackshear, Lake Lanier and a saltwater tournament in and around Savannah.  Jason seems prepared to continue his winning ways in 2009.  Congratulations for an outstanding catch.

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My friend Chad Hoover has introduced his new website:  Kayak Bass Fishing.  Chad is one of the pioneers of kayak fishing and has worked to grow the sport for many years.  With the new website, Chad is bringing this great sport to the forefront of fresh water angling.  Along with Kayak Angler Magazine, Chad is offering a State Record Bass Challenge to any kayak angler who sets a new State Record.  This is what Chad has to say about the Challenge on the sites forum:

Here is the Challenge overview. We will be awarding $10,000 for Largemouth, $5,000 for Smallmouth and $1,000 for each of the subspecies if you break the official state record while fishing from the kayak. This Challenge will only be for the state record established by the Official State Game and Fish Department and will not apply to IGFA line class or all tackle records. Eligibility requirements and entry procedures will be announced along with the official release of the rules....

At this time the rules and specifics have not been finalized.  Be sure to check the KBF website for updates.  CaptDick Enterprises is also happy to announce the CaptDick $500.00 Challenge. 

CaptDick $500 Challenge - The first member to catch a ten pound or 25" inch largemouth bass will also receive the option of $500 or $500 dollars worth of merchandise from Kayak Fishing Accessories.

Be sure to visit KBF and register for the forum.  There is a lot of great information about kayak fishing available from some of the most experienced yak angler's. 

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JD with a nice SWFL Redfish caught in April 2007

Hey Stan,
I thought I would pass along a couple of pictures of a few nice reds that I landed recently.  For anyone that understands stalking reds, they should know that poling up on them, not waving your paddle, is the way to go.  Your stake out pole is a tool I could not do without.
Patrick and David passed this technique on to me about two years ago and I have been preaching its importance to anyone I fish with since.
A long over due thanks,

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March 2007 - Cameron sent this pic and email from FL

Hey Stan,
Last weekend down at the Charlotte Harbor Slam Paddlers tournament we got on  some spooky redfish, using the stake out poles to pole us were were able to
get close enough to catch them. I ended up winning the tournament with a
79'' slam. I attached a picture of the boat I won down at the tournament.
Tight lines

Congrat's On Winning the Tournament !  Great Job !

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March 2007, Lake Lanier, GA.

CaptDick finally took some time for a night time trip to Lake Lanier for some Striper fishing.  Steve, aka Hung One, invited me to join him to try the Bomber Long A fishing technique.  We were able to catch a couple of stripers and HO caught and released several spotted bass in addition to a nice striper.  Fishing was a little slow due to the bright moon.  Fishing at night from the yak was a lot of fun.  The Prowler Big Game proved again to be a very stable platform with a great deck layout.  I was able to cruise at 3.6-3.7mph.

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Dec 2006 - Charlie King, aka Flatfish Charlie, from the Houston, TX area shows off a very nice 28.5 inch trout.  The big trout fell for a Devil Eye soft plastic by Brown Lures. Charlie was fishing a deeper hole in a canal where last December he caught his previous best trout, a 27 incher.  Charlie released the trout after the pic was taken.  Way to go, Charlie !  Click here for more of the story.

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Oct 2006 - Email from the winner of a CDE StakeOutPole donated to the TKAA Yak Fishing Tournament

Captain Dick - I just wanted to drop you a shout to thank you for 
donating one of your fine stake out poles to the recent TKAA charity 
fishing event in VA. Myself being a previous customer of your 
offerings and knowing of the quality of your S.O.P.  I was more than 
glad to win it and am looking forward to putting it to good use. We 
had about 45 entries and collected just over $2,500 for the two 
charities. I believe a good time was had by all, decent fishing and 
superb weather.

Best regards,

Philip Ruckart
Mebane, NC
AKA -  yak4fish

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Dec 2005 - Shane "Cubs83", and David "Wadefisher616", members of the Heritage Kayak Fishing Team, co-sponsored by CaptDick Enterprises, won 2nd place in the "Slam" category at the recent EEF Tournament in Sarasota, Fl.  Shane and David prefished the tournament waters several times.  They then developed a fishing strategy, stuck to that plan and made it work on tournament day.  The Slam is for the most total inches of Redfish, Sea Trout, and Snook.  Although their individual fish were different lengths, the total length for each angler was an identical 64 inches.  Congratulations to Shane and David for a job well done.

David "Wadefisher616"

Shane "Cubs83"

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Wadefisher caught this nice Red while prefishing the EEF Titusville, FL tournament.  Unfortunately he was not able to duplicate the catch tournament day.  For more on the story and more pics click here.

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Patrick Guillory's Prowler 13 - Boca Grande Pass, FL Tarpon Tournament

6-18-2005  Patrick and David ventured out to the famed Boca Grande Pass looking for some action.  Their story and more photos can be seen by clicking here

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CaptDick recently received this picture of David McCleaf and the following email.  For more on the story and more pictures click here.

This will probably come across as a strange email, but do you guys know the fellow in the kayak in the attached photo.....he had your website on the side of the kayak, along with lots of fishing team stuff.
We met him in the wildest of circumstances....even though we live close by, it was our first day ever tarpon fishing off the west coast of Sanibel, Florida. He signaled us over to his kayak and asked us if we could take a few photos for him with his camera, because he had hooked into a tarpon, and he said his friends would never believe him..............well, as a more successful photographer more than a fisherman that day, we said sure. He passed over his camera, and we hung out waiting for the fish to resurface again. We had already seen it jump once from afar. Well, long story short, we backed over our own trolling line, and had to stop for about 15 minutes to untangle the prop..............while we drifted one way, the tarpon was pulling the kayak all over the gulf. When we finally caught up about 15 minutes later, we managed to take photos of the kayak on mine and his camera, but the fish was not up, so we weren't able to capture that for him.........but anyone who is trusting enough to pass along a camera to total strangers, who then seemed to disappear with it for 15 minutes, deserves a testiment to the adventure they were having being pulled all about the gulf of Mexico by a tarpon. It really was shades of Hemingway.
Anyway, if anyone knows this chap, we would love it if you would pass along our email, as we would love to hear how he made out.
Dee and Bob Maguire        

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22/23 May 2005 - Pictured above is Shane "Cubs83" with his awesome Tarpon catch.  While night fishing with David "Wadefisher616" in Southwest Florida (Ft Myers area) this tarpon was hooked, fought, captured, and released from Shane's Heritage RedFish yak.   An outstanding accomplishment from any vessel and truly amazing from a kayak.  Click HERE for Shane and Davids story and pictures of the Bull Shark caught the same evening by David.  Congrats guys.

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Skip Hill, his son Dustin, Kurt Oswald, and Chris Olsen, all members of, got into some Poons crashing a pogie pod off the beach near Palm Coast, Fl.   Dustin was also able to get a big poon to his kayak.  Dustin stated, "Both fish were almost identical size".   Weight was estimated to be 100 -115 lbs by tape measure.  Chris got hooked up to a freight train and was unfortunately spooled.  Kurt, also, jumped a huge tarpon that spit the hook after several jumps.  All parties are anxious to get back out after some more tarpon.

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Email with news, events, tournaments, or information of interest to kayak fisherpersons and we will post it on this page.