horizontal rule


  1. TOOLS:  Drill, Silicone Sealer, Ruler, Hole Saw 1 1/4", Drill Bit 5/16" or Step Drill Bit

  2. Find and mark center of mount location

  3. Use the 1 1/4" hole saw to cut center hole - save cutout and shavings, can be used to repair punctures or cracks

  4. Insert mount from the inside, slide the spacer over the mount and carefully mark location of the 5/16" holes - remove the mount and spacer and check your marks - there is very little room for error here as you can see in the picture.

  5. Drill the 5/16" locating holes - a step drill is great for this - if you use a regular drill bit I recommend drilling a 3/16" pilot hole before drilling the 5/16" holes.

  6. Apply a generous amount of Silicone Adhesive/Sealer to the mount and install it through the 1 1/4" hole, line up the 5/16" locating pins and seat the mount in the hull.  Apply sealer to the spacer and install it and the nut inside the hull.  Tighten the nut securely and install the bottom cap.

  7. Clean the excess sealer from the mount and the job is done.